Cafe in Krakow Square

Krakow is an ideal place for coffee lovers. If you are looking for a cozy, atmospheric Cafe in Krakow Square you should check out the most famous Restaurant and Art Café in Cracow – Jama Michalika localised on Florianska street. Here you’ll get the best coffee in town. You can also try some delicious cakes. 

Historical Cafe in Krakow Square 

Jama Michalika is an unusual Cafe in Krakow Square, which captures the unique spirit of the City. Founded in 1895, Jama Michalika is popular among the tourists from all over the world and citizens, who appreciate its unique, historical style, delicious food and many years of tradition.

The best Cafe in Krakow Square

Restaurant and Art Cafe in Krakow Cracow – Jama Michalika, is one of the best Cafe in Krakow. Jama Michalika offers you traditional Polish cakes like cheesecakes, apple pies or chocolate cakes, which were prepared according to a traditional recipe. It is a unique place which will impress you not only by delicious food, but also with stylish, old-fashioned interior design.

cafe in krakow square

During the summertime you can enjoy your coffee sitting in front of the Cafe and have an opportunity to observe city life. 

Jama Michalika – Cafe in Krakow Square, which is a piece of art 

Walk into Jama Michalika Art Cafe in Krakow Square, and get impressed by its art. Old-fashioned furnitures, beautiful paintings, stained glasses and small details make this Cafe a very special place to visit.

cafe in krakow square

Over 120 years of literary traditions, cabaret, famous pastries left an imprint of interior and have created an unique, both artistic and historical atmosphere. This is where Cabaret ZIELONY BALONIK was created and The Young Poland Spirit was born.

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